6 Ways Your Business Can Help CASA in South Jersey

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Is your business looking to give back to a local worthy cause? CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties is a non-profit organization of volunteer advocates who stand up on behalf of abused and neglected children. Over 1,400 abused and neglected children in our three counties are currently waiting on the critical voice of a volunteer advocate.

Each year, hundreds of children in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties are removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. These children have experienced terrible trauma, and their lives are turned upside down. Child Protective Services takes legal responsibility for them, and may place them in a foster home or other facility. Due to too few foster homes, siblings are often split up into different places. Children are rarely able to stay in their own schools, daycares, or communities. Everything they have known is gone.

Through no fault of their own, these abused children have become a part of an overburdened child welfare system. They deserve a voice in the courtroom. They need a CASA volunteer!

Why does a child need both a CASA volunteer and an attorney?
A CASA volunteer is able to spend as much time as it takes to gather information about the child and the child’s family. A CASA volunteer serves at the request of a judge and provides a report on the best placement for a child. If a court had to pay an attorney to do this job, it would be too costly. A child’s attorney provides legal representation. The CASA volunteer and the child’s attorney can work as a team to represent the best interest of the child.

Research has shown that children with CASA volunteers:

  • Are half as likely to re-enter foster care
  • Are substantially less likely to spend time in long-term foster care
  • Are more likely to be adopted
  • Have more services ordered for them
  • Are more likely to have a consistent, responsible adult presence
  • Spend less time in foster care
  • Do better in school*


Are you wondering how you and your business can help CASA and the children we serve?

Here are 6 ways you can help!



Monetary donations are always welcomed! It costs approximately $1,300 a year (or $108 a month) to advocate for one child. Even with volunteer advocates there are costs associated with:

Training costs – including the 40-hour pre-service training required by all volunteers, and the 12-hours of annual in-service training required of all current volunteers.

Support and Administration Cost: Each volunteer must be supervised by an Advocate Coordinator and the National CASA Standard of a 1:30 ratio of a full-time equivalent staff position to active volunteers must be maintained, as well as all the additional administrative, case management, and non-profit agency costs.

Volunteer Appreciation: One way we like to thank our volunteers is with a fun night out with dinner, dancing and awards with a yearly Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Award Ceremony.

Outreach Cost: Outreach and raising awareness within our community through special events and projects such as Adoption Day, Angel Tree, collecting donations, ect.

Your donation is tax deductible!


Hold a Duffel Bag Collection

The average foster care child moves 7 times before the age of 18. Most of the time, these children are moving place to place carrying only a garbage bag. Our goal is to eliminate trash bags as an acceptable form of luggage for the foster children and teens we serve. Most times when children are taken from their home, they don’t have necessities such as a toothbrush or change of clothes. They are alone and in need of a friend in their stuffed animal pal.

This will be an ongoing project due to the fact that we are constantly receiving new referrals from Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Judges. Our goal is to eliminate trash bags as an acceptable form of luggage for the children we serve.

Wish List:

Duffel Bag
Stuffed animal
Blanket (prefer smaller fleece throws)
Hygiene Products: shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, brush, etc. (Regular or trial size is accepted)
* All items MUST be new.

Donation Drop off location is at:
Cooks Cleaners
1163 Shiloh Pike
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

or schedule a pick up with Hillary Nichols at Hillary.casaofcgs@gmail.com


Go Blue in April

Help raise money for CASA in April during Child Abuse Awareness Month. April is a great time to raise awareness of our non-profit and the volunteer opportunity we offer. Get work, school and friends involved. Each person donates $5 to wear blue. Learn more about this event and sign up here.


Sponsor an Annual Event

A great way to help CASA and advertise your business is sponsoring any of our event. Please contact Jonathon Cummings with questions and interest, Jonathan@casaofcgs.org or our office at (856) 521-0734.


Hold an information Session

Can’t make a donation? Help us raise awareness of our non-profit! Most businesses schedule an information session during their weekly or monthly meeting. A CASA staff member will come out during a scheduled time that works for you and talk about our mission, accomplishments and goals. We will also hand out brochures and business cards for anyone interested in learning more. Please contact us with more questions or interest at Jonathan@casaofcgs.org or our office at (856) 521-0734.


Christmas at CASA

Every year we hold an angel tree with all of our current foster kids during Christmas time! It’s an amazing time of year and the special gifts bring the biggest smiles to our CASA kids and teens. We start preparing for Christmas at CASA in October. Learn where to sign up and view 2016 Christmas gallery here.


We hope to hear from all of our supporters! Thank you!

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