7 Year Old Donates Birthday to Help CASA Kids

When you begin to doubt if one person can make a difference, we want you to think about Juliet from West Deptford, NJ. Not only is Juliet one person, she is a 7 year old little girl! When she isn’t enjoying gymnastics, field hockey and her little sister, she is helping advocate for children in her county. Everyone and anyone is capable of making a difference and I hope this story inspires you.
I walked into their house, where I was greeted with a mountain of donations and a bubbly Juliet jumping up and down, so excited to show me all the gifts she was ready to give to children in need. I reminded her just how special she was because not many kids would give up their birthday and she shrugged her shoulders and said, “I already have tons of toys.” Definitely a proud moment for her parents, they are doing an amazing job. She told me one of her friends donated their birthday to help animals and she wanted to do the same, but help foster kids. Oh the power of inspiration.
Her Uncle Carl Fratz has been a dedicated Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem County since 2013 and gave her the idea to donate her birthday to CASA’s duffel bag project. When children enter foster care they are given a trash bag to carry all their belongings and with the duffel bag project we are able to provide a form of proper luggage, comfort items and hygiene products to each CASA child we serve. Juliet gathered over 30 pjs, 12 blankets, several shopping bags of hygiene products and more from her friends and family. We hope that Juliet’s compassion and wish to help others excites you to do the same.
Thank you Juliet, you’re a CASA Community Superhero!!

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  1. K. Fratz

    I am a proud aunt of Juliet! She is truly an amazing kid! Her parents are also amazing and would do anything for someone in need! It is great to see the next generation of kids show kindness and compassion. This is one of the moments that demonstrates goodness exists!

    I am also the very proud daughter of Carl Fratz. He amazes me everyday with his caring heart for children of NJ! He is a retired teacher (taught for 40 years) and he still holds a special place in his heart for children.

  2. MIchelle

    Thank you for writing such nice words about our little girl. She always wants to help others and worries about kids not having all the things she has. The best part of this whole process is that it was her idea. She asked me who and how she could help. I lead her to my Uncle Carl and the rest is history. She makes us proud every day.

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