A Little Note of Gratitude …

CASA of CGS has been a part of my life for some time now. Most recently, I’ve started working directly with cases and our advocates. I’ve always assumed I had a decent grasp on the amount of effort and heart our advocates put into each case … I was undeniably wrong.
photo(2)I’m astonished at the dedication, selflessness and love each advocate brings to the table.
The cases we’re on are not easy by any means and can leave you mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. What’s incredible is, this group of individuals, trying to live lives of their own and face troubles of their own, take the time to investigate, visit with children and families, write court reports, and attend hearings.
Advocates invest not just their time, but their hearts into each case.
The most amazing part? They ask for nothing in return. Stellar human beings. Gifts to our community.
Without our advocates, CASA of CGS would cease to exist. The fight against child abuse and neglect would be a losing battle. But, it’s not, and we have advocates to thank for that.
CASA of CGS advocates: Thank you. You amaze us with your passion and each of you serve as motivation to not only improve our own lives, but to selflessly support a cause that will move mountains within a community.
Because of you, our children have a voice. Because of you, we are breaking the cycle. It takes a village.
Thank you.

“The key to our success rests in people like you,

who embody the spirit of greatness by saying,

“Yes, I can, and you can, too!”

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