A Little Pep Talk Goes A Long Way!

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“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” 

― Paulo Coelho

photo5Focusing on the future is definitely not an easy task. It’s especially difficult when it feels as if all odds are against you or if the situation you’re in now feels never ending.
The good news is: A bad situation can and will end; the odds may be against you, but they’re there to make you push harder and appreciate what you accomplish.
Have you ever heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees?”
It’s absolutely correct. Many times we get so enveloped in the situation at-hand, that we are not able to see the bigger picture. Sure, dreams of a brighter future may pop into your mind now and then, but, for the most part (and rightfully so), you are thinking about what you’re dealing with at the moment.
When people explain this to you, it’s so easy to listen briefly and then resort right back to your self-loathing ways. Instead of focusing on being overwhelmed and feeling as if you’ll never get to where you’re going, use the words of encouragement as fuel. This fuel will provide the strength necessary to build a strong, solid foundation on the way to your dream.
Little ‘pep talks,’ as I like to call them, may not last long, but, they’re crucial.
You don’t have anyone that can give you a ‘pep talk?’
Let this serve as one. Even if you must reread it a million times.
You will get there. Look at where you were last year at this time. It may not always be a movement forward, but change is knowledge and knowledge is growth. Even if you’re taking baby steps, you’re moving. Progress is a slow process, but always rewarding. Stay focused. When you’re feeling discouraged, think hard about why you want this change or dream. What does it mean to you? Don’t forget to give yourself a mental taste of what that success is going to feel like. Nothing feels better than overcoming an obstacle and coming out on top.
Feeling discouraged happens. Obstacles happen. But, gratitude, appreciation, and satisfaction are earned. You’ve got this. Don’t give up. You never know what you’ll find along the way.

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