A simple question with a complex answer: What is love?

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 What is love?

If you asked an adult this question, I’m sure you’d receive answers similar to one another and most adults have to really look deep within themselves to get an answer. You’d have words thrown around like, “unconditional,” “affectionate,” “guaranteed,” “someone to grow old with.” But, an adult won’t stop with just one word. The answers are generally technical, lengthy and full of emotion and description. We know already what we want out of love in a relationship, whether it be with a relative, spouse, friend, or child. The hardest part for an adult is being able to accurately describe each individual feeling we’re looking for.

loveOn the other hand, ask a child.

What is love?

Gary, age 10, “Wonderful.”

Jake, age 8, “Love is when you like someone a whole bunch.”

Evan, age 5, “Love is from mommy’s and daddy’s.”

Emerald, age 7, “Love is when you like something a whole lot and it makes you feel good.”

Lilah, age 4, “Love is what comes out of your heart.”

Paul, age 5, immediately points at his mommy, “YOU!”

Why is it so simple for children to answer such a complex question for adults? Children are innocent – 6324543-the-children-s-hands-is-located-in-heart-drawing-isolatedthey don’t expect much but love and support from their family and friends. Adults on the other hand, constantly seek more and desperately want a deeper fulfillment from their relationships and life. Love doesn’t have to be complex. It should be given – simply and truly. Spend some time with a child. By caring about their feelings, their interests, lives, and well-being, you are providing love. The memories cannot be replaced and will last a lifetime.

Now, stop and ask yourself – “What is love?” See how you answer. But, don’t forget to ask a child as well. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they answer!

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