Learn About a NJ Adoption Agency, Family Options Adoptions

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Learning how to adopt a child is only half of the adoption process. Finding the right agency to adopt through is another huge decision a family will have to make. This month, CASA of CGS will be featuring several adoption agencies in New Jersey that do an outstanding job providing support and information to adoptive families.

Located in Hazlet, NJ is Family Options Adoptions, a licensed, private and non-profit adoption agency. Founded in 1988 by two adoptive parents named Diane and Stephen Propert, Family Options offers services and information during every stage of the adoptive process, including education and counseling sessions. Their aim is to provide adoption services, care and support to any family affected by and involved with adoption. They offer several different types of adoptions, including Direct Infant Placement, Identified Adoption, Independent Adoption and Interstate Adoption. For a full description of each type of adoption, click here.

There are handfuls of adoption agencies in New Jersey to choose from, so why should a perspective family choose Family Options for their adoptions needs? Here are a few key reasons:

  • Family Options has been successful in serving families for the past 25 years, so they have plenty of expertise.
  • They work hard to choose loving and caring families for their adoptive children and form secure adoption plans to ensure the best results for the family and the child.
  • Each of their staff members are fully trained and have ample social work experience.
  • Someone is always available to answer any questions you may have about the adoption process.
  • They offer free monthly information sessions and support groups for families.

Family Options also strives to build relationships with their birth parents, ensuring that they are cared for and heard in the adoption process. They focus on the determination and sincerity it takes for a birth mother to place their child in adoption. When asked about her experience, one birth mother, Dawn, states, “I felt great relief…I just knew in my heart that everything was going to be okay.”

Family Options also sponsors a number of charitable programs. One of which is called Maternity Closet, a program that offers new and gently used maternity clothing to mothers who cannot afford to buy their own. As a way to pay it forward, Family Options simply asks for a donation of a non-perishable food item in exchange for maternity clothing. They also ask that clothing the mother is no longer using, if in good condition, be returned for other mothers to use. This program helps mothers in need and may even inspire them to help others, as well.

Families in the adoption waiting period also have a special place with Family Options. On their website, each adoptive family waiting for a child is featured in a small write-up, giving information about the couple and why they chose to adopt.

For these reasons and more, consider utilizing Family Options Adoptions in your adoption journey.

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