Beware of End-of-Summer Parenting Snags

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I could not have said this better myself! Grab a glass of lemonade, put your feet up and learn how to avoid the end-of-summer snags.

Thank you, Shel Doughtery, for this wonderful article!

Have you ever come home from a vacation and felt like you ‘needed a vacation from your vacation?’

Well, that’s exactly how you want to feel the day your kids go back to school this fall. Because that will mean you had one-awesome-extraordinary-summer with them!

But BEWARE. Here in the homestretch, these 4 End-of-Summer-Snags can zap your sweet summer memories.

Your deteriorating routine. I know what you’re thinking. “What the heck happened to my elaborate summer schedule and military precision plans? The kids were going to make their bed every morning. I was going to go to the library once a week. My 4 year old was going to learn how to write her lower case letters. I was going to be in the best shape of my life!”

sun-flower-in-summerRelax. It’s not the lack of routine that’s causing you stress, it’s the stress from beating yourself up for falling-out-of-your-routine that’s causing it. Your summer reality check? August feels disorderly and disorganized for everyone. You are not alone. Always, before we move into a new phase of life, chaos ensues.

You are going to ease back into schedules and house rules eventually. Things are just a little wacko right now.  The trick is not to panic before the end of the party.

School stress.  There’s nothing like August to put that pit in your stomach from all the things you need to get done before the first day of school. The haircuts, school shopping, supply lists, sports uniforms…

‘We never went to the library and my 4 year old still doesn’t know her lower-case ‘N’!!’ 

Do this. Breathe.

That stuff is going to get done. Somehow it will. It always does. Make a list of everything that needs to get done, do one small thing every day and then make yourself a cup of tea. You’ve got it covered. I promise.

Sibling scrapping. They were so awesome at the beginning of summer. Best friends. Compadres. Inseparable chums. Now they’re bored and restless and driving you out-of-your-mind. Your routine is shot, you’ve pulled every fun-trick out of the hat and you can’t wait for the start of school – which you’re completely stressing about.

The trick? Circle the wagons. Recalibrate. And make August about family.

Family dinners.  Family projects.  Family games.  Family movie nights.  Family road trips.

All that scrapping is a signal you’re drifting. You’re mind has wondered to stuff that just doesn’t matter. Your family, those awesome kids. That is what matters. 

It’s all business.  Yo. It’s not September yet. Have you forgotten that it’s still summertime? There is still lemonade to be drunk, sun to be indexsoaked and sprinklers to be sprung. Don’t get all fuddy-duddied and forget to have fun. In fact, make it your mission to experience every last speck of summer with your kids.

Remember: This is the last summer your child will be ____ years old.

So go out with a bang. End-of-summer-cakes, sparklers, camping in the backyard, water balloon fights and a filthy house come to mind.

The fall is for vacuuming, lower case ‘N’s’ and school supplies sales.  For now, summer’s still ‘ON’ which means there’s still fun to be had.

I wish you a fantastic August, sweet friends, and always, always…

Be happy. Enjoy your kids.

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