Break the cycle of broken children

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I came across this poem the other day and immediately stopped and read it. The poem hasn’t left my mind since. It’s unbelievably sad and troubling, but, I felt it was extremely important to share so we all could get a better understanding of how long-lasting the effects of child abuse are.

This is why CASA of CGS strives so hard to make a difference with prevention and action. We can change this with awareness.

brokenhome“I am 27 now, but I had a horrific childhood. Everything from an alcoholic mother, a deadbeat father, and step-dads molesting me, and beating my mom and being cruel to my brothers. Writing was my only outlet a way that made me feel I was telling someone and to this day I still hurt a lot from my past.”

                                        The Broken Girl

© Natasha Jordan

Welcome to my broken home,
There’s nobody here I’m all alone.

The walls they scream of things once said,
They constantly echo in my head.

The door in front it never closes as people never stay,
The hatred and guilt always drives them away.

So welcome to my broken home I don’t have anything to offer you,
No love, no face I’m out of place and there’s not much I can do.

I sit in here and do nothing at all,
But stare at these empty walls.

It portrays the life of hurt and hate,
My destiny, my anguish, my solitaire fate.

It’s like a projection screen playing a never ending show,
It’s like it’s in slow motion, so painfully slow.

So run now from my broken home, keep the door open as you leave,
Because being trapped in here I still need air to breathe.

Tell now about my broken home of all things heard and said,
Because even as a woman that house still lives in my head.

That little girl trapped inside, well that little girl is me,
Even though I’m older now the horrible thoughts won’t let me be.

Source: The Broken Girl, Abuse Poem

Together we can help children who are victims of abuse and neglect. There is no reason a child should be faced with these emotions and scars. They are our future. Let’s do everything we can to break the cycle.

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