Bring Out the Beauty of Fall With This Simple Craft!

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It’s a beautiful fall day and I’m facing day two of no school with the boys. As you all know, when the kids don’t have school, especially for two consecutive days, activities run short, and so do their attention spans.

I needed to think of a craft and fast! I remember coming across these jars that looked easy enough for them to make and had a gorgeous, seasonal look for everyone to enjoy.

So, I went to the store and picked up some artificial fall leaves.

photo(46)And, some flameless tealight candles. These are very inexpensive and often times come with spare batteries. You can find them at stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc., along with the fall leaves.

photo(47)Then you just need some mason jars (or any jars will do) and a hot glue gun with glue sticks. If you use the mason jars, be prepared to use a pair of long-handled scissors to assist you while placing the leaves toward the bottom of the jar.

photo(48)Take the hot glue gun and dab glue around the edges and center of each leaf and place on the sides of the jar. Use extreme caution while working with a hot glue gun around the kids! The glue is very hot and could burn them. After you place the leaf on the inside of the jar, take the scissors and press gently to secure the leaf. In no time, your jar will be colorful and ready for you to place the tealight inside. For an added touch, tie a bit of raffia or string around the top for decoration. These make a stunning fall light for around your home or will make an excellent seasonal nightlight for kids. Because of the flameless tealight, it is completely safe. Do not use candles with a flame as they will cause the leaves to catch fire.

Enjoy this little craft with your little ones or on your own!


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