Vineland's Mayor Bermudez is a Community Superhero!

Despite the rain yesterday, a morning meeting with the Mayor of Vineland was brightened with a sunny smile and firm handshake.

mayorNew mayor, Ruben Bermudez, welcomed us with a huge smile into his office. Solid values and a determined route were made quite obvious in the first few minutes alone.

His impressive history with the community and City of Vineland is what made him stand out as a Community Superhero.

Just to name a few of his involvements:

• Owner of Juvante’s Formal Wear

• President Latin American Business Alliance of NJ and the HAND Foundation

• Member Salvation Army Board

• Elected to Vineland City Council 1996 – 2004, served as Council President 2000 – 2004

• Former member Chamber of the Commerce Board of Directors

• Former President of the Downtown Merchants Association

• Former member of the Vineland Planning Board, Downtown Improvement District, and Boy Scouts of America Executive Board

• Lifelong Vineland Resident

Mayor Bermudez made it quite clear: “It’s time to move forward.”

Many residents have adjusted to how things are in their community because it’s hard to have faith in the future.

He’s here to change that.

Bermudez has a lengthy involvement with veterans and senior citizens. He continues to look for ways to ensure they are cared for and appreciated. With a guitar and drumsticks in hand, Bermudez shares his love of music with seniors, veterans or anyone who may need an uplifting tune. He also helps raise funds for churches, youth organizations, and the needs of seniors and vets. After trips to Guatemala and Honduras, he learned how important it is to make sure our community and youth understand just how fortunate we are. With technology and other opportunities readily available, he feels we should utilize everything and be thankful.

“I love my community and like to see my community move forward. There are a lot of things we can do together.”

“This is not a one man show. We must all work together and create a better future for generations to come. We need to leave a good legacy to them and that’s why I’m here.”

Another admirable quality of Mayor Bermudez is his selflessness to his duty. He says of the position, “We are servants to our constituents. I’m here because they put me here for a reason.”

A long term, dedicated businessman, he is grateful for the support of the community in the past and in the present. He takes his position very seriously knowing he is accountable and responsible for the citizens of Vineland. He knows he has to live within his means, quoting Harry S. Truman, he says, “The buck stops here.”

Recently, the Mayor’s Ambassador Youth Council was established to provide a chance for high school and college students to learn the ins and outs of Government. Applications were sent out to schools and with an acceptance of the application it would provide an opportunity to change a young adult’s life. We could have the next mayor, governor or president come right from our communities! The best part about that program is the hope, optimism and drive it will provide for our future leaders.

A wonderful characteristic of the Mayor is that, not only does he have the old-fashioned values our society so desperately needs revived, but he’s able to incorporate them into his desire for togetherness within the community. He loves visiting schools and talking to the students about the opportunities available for them in the future. Bermudez is accurate when he says, “Nothing comes easy in life. If you want something bad enough you have to work for it, earn it.”

“Put your energy and your focus on something in front of you and not behind. The past never sees the future.”

Mayor Bermudez is truly a commendable Community Superhero. He not only wants a better future for our children, he’s doing everything in his power to make it happen.

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