Brrrr! Beat the heat with a different spin on a delicious snack!

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It’s hot.

Unbearably. Hopefully you are all heeding the heat warnings and staying hydrated and taking care of the young and elderly. Honestly, it’s hard to stay cool even indoors. But, when you have children home for the summer like I do, it’s difficult to keep them entertained and cool at the same time. They also seem to consume more snacks than ever during these summer months!

So, I’m constantly looking for things that are interesting to grab their attention, and snacks that are hydrating, healthy and yummy.

2009-08-11-FrozenGrapesFound something great!

Frozen grapes turned out to be the perfect snack today. My sons were thrilled, they tasted great, and, I felt amazing because I was able to make something healthy appealing.

If you have young children under five, please slice the grapes into halves to prevent choking.

This is an extremely easy treat without a mess of ingredients. All you need is grapes and a freezer. Wash your grapes and allow them to air dry, then spread them on a plate or dish and freeze for a few hours. They’re like mini-popsicles!

More good news.

If the grapes aren’t super fresh, they’ll taste even better!

Please enjoy the rest of the day, stay hydrated and out of the heat!

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