CASA Advocate: The Hero’s Journey

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Written by CASA of CGS’s Advocate Athenae Evans

I’ve always been fascinated with the hero’s journey. Joseph Campbell a great literary writer was fascinated with the hero’s journey also. He wrote with meaning and wisdom. He took his readers on mythical journeys that always had an ending that was relevant to the reality of this world. In his book The Power of Myth he wrote, “Follow your bliss and the doors will open where there was no doors before”. As CASA Advocates we wear many hats. We are not just Advocates, we are heroes on a journey in life. Trying to find solutions not just for the children and people that we serve but we have our own lives outside of being an advocate.  Life does not stop it just keeps coming. We make sure the children are cared for in our families. We do the grocery shopping. We are caregivers for our loved ones and we are the listening ear for those who need us. The list is endless for the many hats that we wear.

I remember early on as a young parent trying to go to college with four children and not knowing how I was going to maintain any part of my life. The kids needed clothes, shoes always were worn out, food was hard to keep in my home, etc, etc, etc. My bills were all over the place and my life was a complete mess. It was around this time I was taking an English class. Our required readings were short stories. To be honest at that time a short story was all I could handle. I must admit when we had to read The Yellow Wallpaper, it only added more confusion to my life but then we had to read A Worn Path by Eudora Welty. This story helped me make sense of everything that was going on around and in my life.

The story is about an elderly lady named Phoenix Jackson who is traveling to town to get medicine for her grandson. On her travels a journey she obviously had taken several times she had to face many obstacles on the worn path. She had to endure the elements from outside, animals, weeds, bugs and many other things that are in a wooded area. She took the journey on foot into town and along the way she met different people. Despite being tired from the journey she continued on the path. During one part of her journey she said, “Walk pretty. This the easy place. This the easy going.” This quote has stuck with me for years. No matter how far or what journey we take in life we face many things, people and situations. But there is always a part in our journey of life that we have ease and the hardship does not seem so great.  In time the worn path becomes easier. At those times we get a reprieve and rest from the chaos of life. No matter what we must take many journey’s in life. Weather we have to care for a loved one, finish school, feed and clothe our children, go to work, or find employment. We must face the challenges that we have before us. During the journey we will get a reprieve. So live life to its fullest, love yourself in the process and find laughter along the way. The worn path becomes easy.  All heroes’ get a break sooner or later in life, so walk pretty. Joseph Campbell said it best, “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.”       

  1. Tamara

    So inspirational. We all have things that we are dealing with ot have dealt with in our pass but the key is to just keep moving forward despite the many challenges that will surely come. Even if you have to take a step back in order to move forward. Keep moving forward.

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