CASA of CGS names Pastor Robin Weinstein a Community Superhero!

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CASA of CGS loves to recognize individuals who put forth extra effort to improve our community. This past Christmas we have had the pleasure of working with Pastor Weinstein and his amazing congregation at Bethany Grace Community Church. They provided over 60 gifts to our CASA children for our Angel Tree event. We are extremely thankful for their generosity. In addition to the benevolence Pastor Weinstein displayed, we named him a Community Superhero because he is immensely submerged in our local community. Robin is a resilient voice and exemplary leader, sought after and appointed to the Cumberland County Board of Social Services and the Board of Directors for Gateway Community Action Partnership. He is also a member of the Bridgeton Rotary Lunch Club. He is the past Chairman of the United Way of Salem County Board of Directors, Chairman for the Eastern University Academy Charter School Board of Trustees, and served as a member of the Fundraising Committee for the Lourdes Hospital Foundation Board, among many other community-centered activities.
He tell us, “How could I not be involved in child abuse prevention?! We have a moral, ethical, and biblical mandate to ensure that our children are safe and healthy. Child abuse has touched most of our lives. We continually work with individuals and families to provide them with the resources to break the cycle of abuse … As the Pastor of Bethany Grace Community Church, our church believes that we should partner with area agencies to ensure that the needs of the “least of these” are being addressed in a holistic way. We have partnered with CASA on a number of ventures and plan on continuing our support for this agency that advocates for our children without a voice.”
He is a true believer in human potential and gifted at harnessing that latent power through all of his personal and career endeavors. He believes in uniting people to achieve amazing things and this conviction sustains the courage to tackle the most entrenched problems impeding the integration of faith, reason, and justice, which leads to human ingenuity and growth. Another topic we touched base on was effective ways in dealing with bullying. He tells us, “As a child who was bullied in school, I have to say that the best support for me were the teachers who took time to care of me and treat me as an individual with worth and value. Schools must do all that they can to eradicate bullying, but there will always be bullies. The best way to overcome the bullies is by building our children up through personal and compassionate attention.”
Every child needs a hero, but abused children need superheroes. With that said, we always like to ask our community superhero who their favorite superhero is and why. Robin says, “Superman because he can fly. I could do so much more if I could move faster and fly over the roadblocks in my way.”
We wanted to know what changes he would like to see for our community as a community leader? “I believe in the power of the church putting faith into action. I would love to see all the churches come together as one in a new kind of revival where the world does not come into the church, but the Church goes out into the world. We can transform this world into a holy sanctuary of worship through our loving service as one body in Christ.”
Bethany Grace Community Church’s gifts that they bought for our CASA kids!
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