Valentine’s Wax Paper Hearts Craft

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Written by: Jessica Bagley If you have wax paper and some old broken crayons, this project might be a nice way to brighten up a window this Valentine’s Day! 1. Grab some old crayons and a butter knife. Carefully shave … Continued

Cabin Fever's for the Birds!

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Good ol’ winter break! The kids have flown through the gifts and are just touching on some cabin fever. Are you looking for something constructive for them to do and aren’t ready to give up the Christmas spirit yet? Look … Continued

Time Outs Not Working? Try This!

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Discipline is a touchy and difficult subject. Most people have their opinions as to what works and what doesn’t. Without stepping on anyone’s toes, I can tell you that regardless of the system you use for disciplining your children, the … Continued