Celebrate Diversity This Holiday Season!

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With the holiday season in full force, it can be a bit trying and touchy to cover all of the holidays celebrated by Americans.
Instead of focusing on what a person should or shouldn’t say or celebrate based on their affiliation, we should take a moment, step back and appreciate the diversity.
photo(56)America is a beautiful country, not just for her impressive, breathtaking oceans and land, but for being a melting pot full of people from different countries, races and religions.
The diversity of America is what makes up the character of our beautiful country. It’s a coveted residence and should be respected.
We are all citizens of this great country and need to understand and embrace the cultures that provide the foundation for this nation.
Holidays are not offensive. Holidays are celebrations. I personally celebrate Christmas with my family, but, was raised celebrating the Christmas holiday along with Hanukkah. I would never be offended if someone wished me a Happy “you fill in the blank,” regardless of my affiliation. I understand that as a major nation chock-full of diverse individuals, acknowledging that their holiday is an important part of their ethnicity, is imperative to allow our country be all that we pride ourselves on being.
The important thing to remember is that we are celebrating something. Imagine living in a nation where there was nothing to celebrate.
The holiday may not be something you agree with or practice, but your neighbor does.
We are a multicultural nation full of amazing people who each bring something incredible to the table.
Our children can’t afford to grow in an environment where differences aren’t appreciated and welcomed.
With that being said, instead of turning your nose up or being offended by the celebration of a holiday, be honored that someone chose to extend their celebration to you and embrace the diversity of our country!

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