You can lift up a child’s voice, a child’s life.

This coming year, more than a 1,400 abused and neglected children in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties will be waiting – waiting for someone to stand up for them in the Court and the community.
  • Someone who will be their advocate.
  • Someone who will follow through.
  • Someone who will speak up for them until that child can thrive in the safe embrace of a loving family.
Now is your chance to be for the child. Donate now to help lift up the lives of our most vulnerable children by providing them with a CASA volunteer. Your donation is tax deductible!



You can also mail in donations to:

Court Appointed Special Advocates
of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties
P.O. Box 9
Bridgeton, NJ 08302


Your gift helps children who have suffered abuse and neglect often at the hands of the very adults who should be caring for them. Your help provides a CASA volunteer who will advocate for a safe and permanent home for these children.

It costs approximately $1,300 a year (or $108 a month) to advocate for one child. Even with volunteer advocates there are costs associated with:

Training costs – including the 40-hour pre-service training required by all volunteers, and the 12-hours of annual in-service training required of all current volunteers

Support & Administration Cost: Each volunteer must be supervised by an Advocate Coordinator and the National CASA Standard of a 1:30 ratio of a full-time equivalent staff position to active volunteers must be maintained, as well as all the additional administrative, case management, and non-profit agency costs

Volunteer Appreciation: One way we like to thank our volunteers is with a fun night out with dinner, dancing and awards with a yearly Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and Award Ceremony.

Outreach Cost: Outreach and raising awareness with in our community through special events and projects such as Adoption Day, Angel Tree, collecting donations, ect.


CASA profoundly improves the amount of sustained, personal attention given to traumatized children.

CASA reduces child welfare costs by reducing the time children spend in foster care.

CASA of CGS volunteers gave nearly 8,000 hours in case work in 2014, providing over $205,000 in direct relief to the overloaded courts and child welfare systems.

CASA children are 50% less likely to reenter the child welfare system.

CASA volunteers cost $1,300 year/child; foster care costs $24,500-$60,000 year/child.

CASA children spend on average eight months less in foster care, saving $23,000-$40,000 year/child.

CASA children are less likely to become lifelong members of “the system.” Long-term foster care placements drain taxpayer dollars through increased rates of juvenile delinquency and mental health and health care costs. Children lingering in long-term foster care are less likely to become contributing members of society as adults.