Everyone is fighting a battle: Make compassion a way of life.

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photo(7)When a person’s facing a difficult time in their life, one of the worst things you can say to them is: “It could be worse!”

While this may seem like a comforting statement in an effort to help the person acknowledge that their problems may not be as big or as bad as they think, it is instead, disregarding the person’s issues.

It is important for someone to understand that, yes, there are bigger problems out there that people face, but it is also important for the person’s problem to be addressed.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed about society today, we have a severe lack of compassion for others. We can’t know what it’s like to be another person – even if we’ve been through the same dilemma. All we can do is provide support and understanding. It may help some to know that what they’re suffering through may not be as catastrophic as another person’s problems, but, as a humane society, we need to take into account that we don’t know the mental stability of anyone. Some people are just stronger than others, whether it’s by nature or because of the hardships they’ve endured.

Next time a person comes to you with a problem, think about it. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what you would do and lend support instead. A lot of times, a person really just needs to know someone’s there.

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