Family Court: The Best Interest of a Child Isn't Always Easy to Prove

I know when I write these entries, it’s no secret that they come from personal experience.
I wanted to share something with you today just in case you find yourself in a similar predicament.
photo(28)Throughout the last four years I have been in and out of the family court system multiple times fighting for my children’s right to have a peaceful, secure and happy life.
I won’t get into specifics, but, I can tell you, it’s been anything but easy. If you’ve been faced with even the first step in the process of filing the motion, you know how overwhelming it can be. Most people get so frustrated they give up right from the get go.
Please don’t give up. Find someone that can help you. Yes, attorneys are expensive, but, there is always someone who has had a similar experience to assist you. Call the courthouse and ask questions – a lot of them, until you have a solid answer you feel comfortable with.
When it comes to your child’s best interest, there is no mountain too high to climb. In the end it will pay off.
Going to court is a scary experience even if you’re in the right. Breathe and come prepared. Take some time out and write down the highlights of your argument. I have showed up to a court date with written statements fully aware that I wouldn’t be able to hold a stable voice when speaking to the judge. It’s also difficult to arrange all of the points you want to get across when you are under emotional stress like that. Jotting down topics separated by bullets will keep your mind organized and will make it easy to refer to when you lose your train of thought.
Also, remain calm. Remember, you are in front of a judge who has no idea of what a situation entails other than what is on the paper in front of him. By all means, wait your turn. No matter what is being spewed from the other party, you will have your time to
If the outcome of the case isn’t awarded in your favor, try again. If you feel in your heart that the best interest of the child is what you’re asking for, take the time in between your next court date or filing to put together more information. Unfortunately, you have the burden of proof and only evidence will be of assistance. Show exactly why you know what’s in the best interest of the child. Stand your ground, but, please maintain an open mind. It’s so easy to give up because it feels like an incredible amount of work.
It’s worth it. Don’t let defeat deter you from shining for a child. Just knowing someone is on their side means more than anything to them. It shows them principles, hard work, determination, support and love. Giving up on what matters to them and what you believe is right is the game changer – not the court’s decision.

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