Fulton Bank in Pitman unleashes its Community Superheroes!

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Pictured from left to right are our Community Superheroes from Fulton Bank in Pitman: Beth Galloway, Laura O'Sullivan, Ellen Sumpter, Elizabeth Graixinha, and Derek Tarpine.
Pictured from left to right are our Community Superheroes from Fulton Bank in Pitman: Beth Galloway, Laura O’Sullivan, Ellen Sumpter, Elizabeth Graixinha, and Derek Tarpine.

Today’s Community Superhero is Elizabeth Graixinha,
Branch Manager of the Pitman office, of Fulton Bank!

Who would’ve thought that nestled in the quaint, little borough of Pitman, CASA of CGS would uncover superheroes? That’s the beauty of being a Community Superhero. While your powers may not be obvious on the outside, it’s what you’re doing on the inside that makes a difference.

Graixinha says she became involved in CASA of CGS when she, “heard about the Annual 5K run and thought it would be a great experience to be out there supporting all the participants.”  She is also involved in the Rotary Club and United Way.

Elizabeth felt so passionately about our cause, that she rounded up the employees of the Pitman office and gave them Community Superhero powers, too!

CASA of CGS is honored to have Fulton Bank as a partner in the fight against child abuse. With their help, we are able to reach even more families and spread awareness to provide a better future for our children.

A Community Superhero herself, she says she can’t narrow it down to just one favorite superhero, “In make-believe land, I like all the superheroes, I think that their unique strengths make them who they are. Although, the true superheroes are the ones who risk their lives everyday to make us safe and for everyone that volunteers their time to help the people in need.”

Graixinha feels the most important way to prevent bullying in schools is, “to teach children to have respect for themselves and for others. Building confidence and self esteem would help them handle themselves when they are being bullied or be able to help another fellow student.”

Her desire to be involved began early, “Going to school in the city sometimes made it difficult wanting to walk through those doors. You learned quickly to stay in your group of friends. This was before bullying was even talked about, in those times everyone looked at it as kids will be kids.

We thank Graixinha and the other Community Superheroes at Fulton Bank for their support and dedication. Because of their effort, we can push with a stronger force against child abuse and neglect.

Be sure to stop into the branch and say hi to our Community Superheroes!

Do you know of a Community Superhero? Help CASA of CGS recognize the effort put forth by them to improve our community!

Email Jennifer Kaysen at Jennkaysen@gmail.com.

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Are you ready, Superheroes?

stroller-team-resizedThe countdown is on! The CASA of Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties Superhero 5K Run/Walk and Family Fun Day is a little over two weeks away!

Don’t miss this opportunity to have fun, get silly, and support our cause! Our children need every bit of support we can give! you can easily register online here: https://wespeakupforchildren.org/registration/

If you register before the big day, you’ll receive a t-shirt!

 CASA of CGS is holding informational meetings! Please join us!

If you’re interested in learning more about CASA of CGS, email susanna.casaofcgs@gmail.com.

Cumberland County ranked last place in Child Welfare in New Jersey. Let’s stand up for our children and do something about it!

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