Getting crafty: Express Yourself

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Children (and adults) who endure instances of suffering emotionally and physically aren’t always able to find the outlet they need when wpid-wp-1359581620447seeing a therapist alone.

One thing I always found to be beneficial was writing. I would jot down poetry, stories or even doodle as a way to help release some of my emotions.

“Negative emotions stop us from thinking and behaving rationally and seeing situations in their true perspective. When this occurs, we tend to see only we want to see and remember only what we want to remember. This only prolongs the anger or grief and prevents us from enjoying life.

The longer this goes on, the more entrenched the problem becomes. Dealing with negative emotions inappropriately can also be harmful – for example, expressing anger with violence.” (Better Health Channel)

Show your children that there’s another, more personal way, to release the feelings they may be harboring.

mod-melts-journal-finishedCreate a special journal with them. Purchase a notebook. Then, let them decide how they would like to decorate it. Maybe you have some old wallpaper laying around, magazine photos, stickers, photographs, posters of their favorite musicians, actors or shows – let them choose what provides a comfortable feeling when they look at it. You could even use an article of clothing or material that they love and cut it to form and glue it to fit the notebook.

A journal is an excellent place for memories, thoughts, poetry, stories, lyrics, photographs, nature observations,recipes and drawings.

Not only does a journal provide an excellent outlet for emotions, it also allows a child to look back over time and see how they’ve grown and worked through the hard times they may have experienced. Another nice thing about journals is that there is no age limit. You can keep one regardless of your age and the memories contained within the notebook will remain with you always.

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