Help us raise $3,000!

We will be holding our Annual Go Blue Campaign to help raise money and awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month this April. We are asking for help from our friends and community to “Go Blue” by having your workplace commit to a day in April and donate $5 to wear blue or “dress down”. The money raised will help our nonprofit in many ways! It costs approximately $1,300 a year (or $108 a month) to advocate for one child. Even with volunteer advocates there are costs associated with: volunteer training, administration and support cost, volunteer appreciation and outreach cost.

If interested, we could also have a staff member come speak about our non-profit at your weekly/monthly meeting, hand out brochures and answer any questions you may have. If interested please sign up here or contact Hillary with any questions, (856) 521-0734 or

Step 1

Visit our Site: Learn more about who we are and how you can help abused and neglected children in our three counties for Child Abuse Awareness month.

Step 2

Commit: Agree to wear blue or jeans during the month of April. Sign up today.

Step 3

Raise Money: Get work, school and friends involved. Each person donates $5 to wear blue. Raise the most money for a special recognition!

Step 4

Donate & Share Pictures: Share pictures on social media sites with the hashtag #Blue4CASAofCGS

Step 5

Time to celebrate your achievement! You just helped give children in our counties a voice in court.