Learn About a NJ Adoption Agency, Golden Cradle

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baby-17327_640In CASA of CGS’s pursuit to introduce you to some of the most awesome adoption agencies in New Jersey, today we’re bringing you Golden Cradle Adoption Services of Cherry Hill. Golden Cradle is a not-for profit, non-sectarian adoption and birth parent services agency. The agency has been fully functioning since 1980. Over the past 35 years, they have made it their mission to provide high quality services to adoptive families seeking a child and birth parents choosing to place their child for adoption.

Golden Cradle was founded by Arty Elgart, a business man who has gone through the adoption process himself. His goal in founding Golden Cradle was to find a better way to provide services to both the families placing their children up for adoption and adoptive families searching for a child. Because of his advertising approach, painting adoption as a healthy and noble option, Golden Cradle has evolved and has become highly successful.

Since its start, Golden Cradle has been featured on over 65 television shows world-wide, some including Good Morning America and 60 Minutes. They were even a cover feature on People Magazine! Elgart published the book “Golden Cradle, How the Adoption Establishment Works & How to Make It Work For You” in 1991, where he talks about his experiences with adoption. It is because of the agency’s creativity and compassion that Golden Cradle has become so successful over the years.

So, why should adoptive families in New Jersey consider working with Golden Cradle during the adoption process? Here are a few of their great services:

  • They host monthly group information and orientation meetings for their clients.
  • Educational and counseling services are offered after the adoption as well so families are always connected and supported, from start to finish.
  • They are Hague Accredited by Council on Accreditation (COA) for international adoptions, both incoming and outgoing.
  • They are honest from the very beginning about what kinds of fees families will have to pay. You can see their costs here.
  • They offer telephone, in-person and electronic access with a personable, specially assigned Golden Cradle professional team members, 24/7.

Another part of what makes Golden Cradle such a great adoption service is the fact that they are so supportive of their birth mothers during every step of the adoption process. Golden Cradle and their birth parent department team listens to the wishes of the birth family, standing by whatever plans of communication with the child they choose. Golden Cradle even provides housing assistance, medical care, transportation, post-adoption services and counseling if needed.

If you or someone you know are in the process of looking for an adoption agency, consider Golden Cradle. For more information, visit their website here.

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