Happy New Year, CASA of CGS Family! 2014 Is Promising!

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2013 was an exciting year for the CASA of CGS family. Looking back, we’ve made great strides and we’re thrilled for those accomplishments. But, we have further to go, more children to service and work to do.

7fd912bd02e256335230cdc62974a13cCASA of CGS is moving forward at full force! Because of your support, participation and kind hearts driven to provide better foundations for abused and neglected children, we have made it this far and plan to keep on going.

The upcoming year is bringing great things! We plan on continuing to find and implement the best practices and strategies to provide top-notch care and advocacy for the children.

Thank you all for your dedication, assistance sharing our Facebook page and posts, all of your help during our events, and most importantly, for remaining faithful that we will continue to serve and be a voice for abused and neglected children in the best way possible.

Happy New Year, CASA of CGS family! May the new year bring hope, health, happiness and love to you all.

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