Help CASA Kids by Donating Kid Clothes and More to Bear-ly Worn Consignment

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img_0086-copyAs we grow as an organization, so do our partnerships with the community. Not only do we want to give you different opportunities to give back to the children we serve but our CASA kids deserve all the help that we can possibly provide. The children we serve, in most cases, have been ripped from their home for good reasons. They have all been subjected to some sort of abuse and/or neglect and removal from the home is critical and quick, depending on the situation. With this said, removal sometimes results in inadequate amount of clothes, hygiene products, and comfort items. Comfort items being their favorite toys or blanket.

One way we try to help alleviate this stress for our CASA kids is through our ongoing duffel bag project. Not only do these children leave behind their most precious valuables, they are given trash bags to carry their belongings. We hope to give back some dignity to the foster kids we serve by gifting them a brand new duffel bag filled with a new stuffed animal, books, new blanket, and hygiene products as a welcome gift when they meet their new CASA volunteer.

From time to time, we will receive cases where the child has nothing after their removal and we go into emergency mode searching for necessities for the child, such as clothes, underwear, socks and shoes. The scramble for these items can take time and time isn’t always on our side.

Tina Peters-Hanmer, owner of Bear-ly Worn Consignments, reached out to us in hopes of helping with our cause and we knew this could be an awesome opportunity to help those children in emergency situations. Tina has agreed to help raise money and provide emergency clothing in these situation with the help of our community. Bear-ly Worn Consignment shop will accept “like new” baby and kid clothes, shoes, strollers, toys (including outside toys), car seats and other baby gear. One thing she stresses is that they must be “like new” and this is what makes her consignment shop so nice because everything you can buy there is in a pristine state.

How it works, bring in the items you wish to donate, tell them you’re donating your items for CASA and 50% of the credit towards the items that you bring in will go on the CASA account. As we build credit in the store, we can either cash out the money or use the money for store credit for a child in one of these emergency cases.

This will be an ongoing partnership, unless later noted otherwise. We look forward to working with Tina and Bear-ly Worn Consignment shop and we are extremely thankful for their generosity. Please note that Bear-ly Worn has recently moved to the bright pink building on Delsea Drive, Vineland, between Cumberland County College and the Cumberland Mall.










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