Hot, hot, hot! Cool your kids down for less without sacrificing fun!

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It’s hot.

Very hot.

Today’s one of those days where it feels like you can barely move and it’s not even July yet!

I’m thinking it gets worse as I get older. When I was younger, I loved the summer.

Now? Not so much.

3ec7f8b40d67cc4d11e2b36e4eccbe9aBut, the kids still love it. So, I wanted to find something that would cool my children off that didn’t cost much and provided a substantial amount of entertainment.

This sure got them moving!

Do you have a two-liter bottle laying around? A hose? If so, be prepared for a wet, fun, screaming bunch of cooled-down, happy children.

Here’s the instructions and a video:

  • Using an empty two-liter soda bottle, remove the label and wash/rinse the bottle. No need drying the inside, but the outside needs to be dry so the duct tape adheres.
  • Use the sharp tool of your choice (I used the corn cob holders as the video suggested) to make three vertical rows of three slits in the side of the bottle. There should be a total of nine slits. Feel free to increase this number, though you will probably need to make the slits smaller then. I made a bunch of small slits to increase the amount of water that came out of the bottle.
  • Attach the bottle to the hose. Hopefully, your hose attachment piece will be the right size to screw onto the bottle. If not, it should still be large enough to slip over the very top of the bottle. Do so and then wrap several pieces of duct tape around the connection. Make sure that it is very secure or else the force of the water will push the bottle off of the hose when you turn the water on.

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Enjoy this steamy, hot day with your children or grandchildren and check back tomorrow for Tuesday’s blog!

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