I bet you didn't know something so amazing could also be free!

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Who doesn’t like a good deal?

I have the connection to a five-finger discount (the legal kind!)!

A handshake, a wave, or even better, a hug for someone having a bad day.

That’s right, folks! I’m talking about kindness!

photo(4)So often we speed through our days, not acknowledging the needs of others. I’m not referring to monetary needs or anything of the sort. These needs are deeper – the need for humanity, support and guidance.

Each and every one of us is capable of supporting another. Spread kindness. Honestly, it’s the cheapest, most beneficial gesture.

Sometimes people are placed in the toughest situations. While you’re going through something incredibly difficult, it may seem weird to take solace in knowing others are, too.

But, it can be the one thing that helps you make it through your tough times.

I promise.

Every day, especially the next time you’re having a bad day, smile and greet a complete stranger at a store, compliment someone, or hug a friend.

This little gesture of kindness could just be the arms they need to push them through their tough day. The beautiful thing is that it’ll be returned, maybe not to you immediately, but to someone else in need. The person you affected with kindness will remember how such a small effort made a difference in their day and it will be repeated.

Times are tough and kindness is free!

Spread the wealth.

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