It’s the Little Things that Make a Big Difference: Your Voice Matters

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If you think you are

Written by Jen Henderson/Hillary Nichols

What does this saying mean to you? To me, it means that no matter how small a good deed is for someone on any given day, I can make a difference.

We unfortunately live in a world where people no longer hold doors for others, greet someone with a “Good Morning!” or “Good Afternoon!”, help someone in the supermarket who may not be tall enough to reach an item on a shelf, or even allow someone to squeeze out in a traffic jam.

What’s our rush? Has the world started turning faster?

The world is moving at the same speed as before, but priorities are changing.

We have this epidemic of turning our minds off to things we don’t want to see or hear. Many people feel that even if they did something, it wouldn’t be enough to make a difference. The truth is, even little somethings make a difference to someone.

Do something today – something small – you will find that to someone, it’s something large.


Your Voice Matters to CASA and the Children We Serve!

Often times in the foster care system, the children fall through the cracks, they are the ones who suffer. We may see it as they have a large amount of adults who are working for them to move them along the process of finding a new family or reuniting with their family but very few people know that that these adults change often in a foster child’s life. Social workers change, lawyers change, doctors change, foster parents change and because of these many changes, information about the children get lost and forgotten. This is prolong the process of permanency, causing more stress for the child.

This is why a CASA volunteer is so important. They are usually the one constant adult in that child’s life. A CASA volunteer stays with that child until the child reaches permanency, whether it’s with the bio parents or through adoption. Just when you think your voice or presence is too small to make a difference, with CASA it can mean a lifelong difference for one child.

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