Keep Calm and Volunteer On – A Gathering of Extraordinary People

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On a day that the sun’s shining and you walk into the cozy atmosphere of The New Dodge’s Market with the light, beautiful sound of a harp playing, you just know it’s going to be a fantastic day.


The day can only get better when you walk into that charming, bright room with elegant music and see a large table full of CASA of CGS’s smiling faces. Our team, full of coordinators, Board members, social media personnel, Case Supervisors, etc., are the sun of CASA’s operation – most importantly, though, our volunteers, the stars of our foundation, were on-hand as well. Without them, CASA couldn’t shine. Everything we do is supported and carried out because of the supreme dedication of our hardworking volunteers.

voluntter3“We are deeply, deeply grateful for what you do,” said Executive Director, Melissa Helmbrecht as she extended her appreciation about how important volunteers are to the organization. She went on to say, “Volunteers are critical to our community and they are especially important to the abused and neglected children that you care for, advocate for and without you, they would not have a voice.”

Board president Arthur Horn, ended the breakfast with steadfast words of appreciation, “Thank you for what you do. Our mission is extremely important. Even though we might not be directly involved, it impacts us in our lives and the more we talk about it, the more we can get people to understand how important this is for us as a community and as a society,”

The future looks bright for CASA and the families we strive to help. With a handful of optimistic strategies in place and the strength of our volunteers, CASA will be able to reach more abused and neglected children than ever before. The motivation, heart and soul of CASA sat acknowledging and understanding our progress, with each member wanting the same goal and walking the same path, hand in hand. With events coming up, such as our Superhero 5K and Family Fun Day and Community Superhero campaign, we ask that you volunteer your support and help CASA reach out to as many community members as possible. Your voice may seem small to you, but every voice added together makes a huge difference.

Jennifer Kaysen

Be a part of our CASA family! Become an advocate and be a voice for a child.

Also, please share our Facebook page with your friends and family – every voice helps!

Don’t forget to read CASA of CGS’s blog on Monday and find out more about our super powered Superhero 5k and Family Fun Day! This is one event you don’t want to miss!

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