Learn About a NJ Adoption Agency, Better Living Adoption Services

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At CASA of CGS, we understand the weight and number of choices that come with the decision to adopt a child. One of those choices is their adoption agency; every adoptive family wants the best possible for their child.  That is why we are featuring some of the top adoption agencies in the state of New Jersey on the blog.

Better Living Adoption Services, Inc. in Westfield, New Jersey is a state licensed, non-profit, private adoption agency founded in 1982. Their goal is simply to provide the best service possible to adoptive families, birth parents, and especially the children.

What options are available to the adoptive families? Better Living offers both Domestic Homestudy and Placement services and International Homestudies for families seeking child placement from another country. As they do not have a waiting list, they are able to begin home study as soon as an application is received. Home Study consists of up to three interviews where a caseworker discusses the family’s background and reasons for adopting, ensuring a safe environment for the child. Once the home study is complete, Better Living can begin matching a family with a child. “We follow our home study families from start to finish, even if they receive a placement of a child from another agency,” states Kathleen Sateary, Casework Supervisor for Better Living Adoption Services.

What are some reasons that a family should consider Better Living Adoption Services?

  • They perform inter-state domestic adoptions as well as step-parent adoptions.
  • They provide birth parent services, such as counseling and surrenders.
  • As per law, they conduct post placement and adoption visits.
  • They are dedicated to working hand-in-hand with families, their attorneys and the court during the entire adoption process.

Better Living also shows dedication and care to the birth family. “Better Living provides options counseling for birth parents who are seeking assistance in permanency planning for their baby,” Sateary states. “We also assist birth parents who are interested in making an adoption plan for their baby which can include providing adoptive parent profiles and matching with an adoptive family. If adoption continues to be the birthparents plan, Better Living will also take voluntary surrenders terminating birth parents rights and we will do placement of the baby with the adoptive family.”

Better Living has a 30 year history of helping families and birth parents through the adoption process. As stated by one adoptive parent, “BLAS [Better Living Adoption Services] was really there for me, providing me with options and reviewing my choices. I could not have gone through this [without] Better Living.”

More than anything, Better Living strives to place each child with their forever family. If you haven’t done so already, take a look at Better Living’s website here for even more information about the great services they provide.


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