November Is National Adoption Month! Help Spread Awareness With These Fun Activities!

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It’s National Adoption Awareness Month! Every year, November is set aside to mark the importance of getting involved in the effort to make a difference in the lives of children throughout the country. Please take this opportunity to help spread awareness!

How can you help celebrate and honor adoption?

Let me count the ways!

adoption1. Share your adoption story. Blog it, tell a friend, or just share it over dinner one evening with your kids.
2. Read a book about adoption. There are so many great adoption books out there!
3. Read a book to your child about adoption. Here is a link to our favorite adoption books.
4. Donate an adoption book or several books to your child’s school library or the public library.
5. Volunteer to read an adoption book to your child’s class.
6. Send an adoptive family a card to help them celebrate adoption.
7. Tell your child their adoption/birth story.
8. Watch a movie about adoption as a family and discuss how adoption is represented.
9. Visit Adopt US Kids to see profiles of children looking for their forever family!
10. Ask an adoption agency or foster care provider to present to your church or community organization.
11. Help your child write a letter to their birth family.
12. Reach out to birth parents you may know. Encourage and support them.
13. Pray for and encourage families that are waiting for their child to come home. Waiting is SO hard!
14. Write your legislators to encourage tax refunds to help with adoption related expenses and to encourage adoption friendly legislation.
15. Volunteer time at an adoption agency to help with office duties. Most agencies have limited budgets and could always use help making copies, filing, answering phones, etc.
16. Make a tax-deductible donation to an adoption or foster care agency.
17. Have an adoption celebration party with your child and invite other families that have adopted.
18. Research adoption friendly companies and send them an email letting you know they appreciate their efforts. Think Starbucks!
19. Read an adoption blog. There are so many great ones out there!
20. Put a positive adoption bumper sticker on your car. We love this superman was adopted bumper sticker!
21. If you know someone waiting to be matched with an expectant family share their information with friends and family. You never know if you might help make a great match!
22. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about National Adoption Month.
23. Help your child research famous people who were also adopted.
24. Send an updated picture of your child and a letter to the adoption agency you worked with. Positive stories never get old!
25. Get a subscription to an adoption magazine.
26. Ask your local radio stations to air adoption public service announcements.
27. Share information about waiting children with your friends and family.
28. Write a letter to your child’s birth parents.
29. Learn about positive adoption language.
30. Display some adoption artwork in your home.

*National Adoption Month

You don’t have to honor Adoption Month only in November – these activities can be done throughout the year. Even if you’re unable to adopt, spread awareness and make a difference in the life of a child!

Are you interested in providing a loving and permanent home for a waiting child? The Photolisting features over three thousand children currently waiting for a family. To learn more about becoming a licensed home for a waiting child in your state, contact your local state agency or complete the Homestudy Assistance Form and someone from your area will contact you and tell you how to get started.


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