On the Bright Side: Setbacks Are Temporary

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36ba1743d487fc976a687f53b957ad04Whenever you experience something stressful, you gain a knowledge and understanding of your own life that you weren’t aware of before. Finding the positive in these experiences isn’t always easy.

There are many benefits of seeing the positive side of things in difficulties we encounter.


1. There are more options available


When you have a positive outlook on things, you start to see possibilities that are impossible to realize for a person with a negative mindset.


Negative person just thinks that there is nothing that can be done related to that situation. However, a positive persons sees options that courage him/her to move on.


2. You are in control of your life


This is one of the biggest reasons to seek for positive sides in everyday events: You realize that you are in control of your life and you don’t feel like you are a victim, floating around aimlessly.


You give up on being helpless and you are seeking solutions to problems instead of worrying.


3. You don’t worry about something which you can’t control


Even if you feel that you are in control of things, you also realize that it is useless to worry about something that you can’t control.


You also understand that this is a waste of your energy and you can focus on something more helpful instead.


4. You are able to see the bigger picture


Are you focusing on a single negative point that takes all your attention or are you still seeing the whole picture?


When you see events the positive way, you acknowledge that some negative events are just a small piece of the big picture and they belong to the journey when reaching your goals.


5. You get stuff done


When you worry and see only the negative side of things, you stop taking action. This in turn stops your efforts to move closer to your goals.


On the other hand, when taking action – no matter what the situation is – you get stuff done, move forward and don’t let the setback control you (and halt your progress completely).


6. You know that setbacks are temporary


Even when the situation seems to be bad and in normal circumstances you would start worrying about it, you realize that this is only a temporary situation.


Although things may not be good right now, the situation will change at some point.


7. You learn and appreciate a valuable lesson


When a person has a positive view of things, he/she knows that in every difficulty there is also a lesson to be learned.


A person with a positive outlook is always looking for ways to learn from difficulties. This in turn means that the person can improve him/herself and the actions he/she takes the next time.

“A person with a positive outlook is always looking for ways to learn from difficulties.”

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