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Meet Athenae Evans: A Voice for the Children!

At CASA of CGS, our advocates mean the world to us! They selflessly dedicate their time to be a voice for abused and/or neglected children without ever asking for or seeking recognition in any way. Each advocate has a reason as to why they decided to join the fight against child abuse and be on the front line. Their compassion is incredible. We want to recognize them for their efforts and give our CASA of CGS family an opportunity to meet some of the superheroes we are so fortunate to have as part of our team!

Meet Athenae Evans!

Athenae Evans is a new advocate who grew up in a small farming and fishing area in South Jersey. She has always valued family and has a deep love and passion for children. Her motivation is to be an advocate for CASA. She says of her decision to become an advocate, “I hope that I can change someone’s life in a positive way by advocating for them. I hope that I can help them become better people in this world filled with discord and negativity. I hope to give someone HOPE. I grew up in a family that always utilized a faith in a higher power. As I would never push any religious beliefs on anyone I was advocating for I believe as my mother taught me to have faith in God.”

Some of her memories from when she was growing up are when her family was at home and her mother would sing church hymns. Her mother’s singing would bring peace into their home. She says, “As kids we would be playing and she would be cooking and singing.”

Athenae also enjoys reading. “When I was growing up the only books in the house were Bibles so that what I read over and over again and again. So I enjoy now reading and learning about history. My favorite poems are by Emily Dickinson, “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark”;  Hafiz, “All the Hemispheres”; and Rumi, “Love said to me”.

A person that meant a lot to her and changed her perspective was a babysitter who was loved like family. With fond thoughts, Athenae says, “She was one of the kindest people I ever knew. My mother dropped me off everyday and she treated me like her own. She invited me into her family and loved and cared for me while my mom worked. I will never forget that kindness. And that is why I want to be an advocate.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Athenae! CASA of CGS is proud to have you as part of our family! Please continue sharing your motivation and desire to help others! It’s because of amazing individuals like yourself that the children have a voice and a strong role model when looking for support and answers.

Thank you for all that you do, not only for CASA of CGS, but for the children we service as well.

Cumberland County ranked last place in Child Welfare in New Jersey. Let’s stand up for our children and do something about it! Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook for daily updates and information.

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