Reach for the Stars! Build a Child's Dream and the Dream Will Build Them.

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The thoughts and dreams of children are what builds the leaders of our future. Are you encouraging your child to attain their goals no matter what they may be?
When I was a little girl, I wanted nothing more than to be a teacher. My parents stood by my side and embraced my interests by buying a desk and chalkboard which my siblings and I used to play school.
dreamsAlthough, I changed my “dream profession” a million times since then and don’t hold the same interest in becoming a teacher as I did then, their support allowed me to acknowledge that I could, in fact, be whatever I wanted to be.
I try to instill those same values in my children. Even though their “dream professions” change as much as their underwear, I want them to know they are fully capable to achieve any dream they may have. My sons have come to me with some pretty pretentious ideas: Alligator wrangler; an architect who would build the biggest toy store in the entire world; master chef of a restaurant that only serves chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese; and, my favorite, president of the world. While these ideas may seem a bit far-fetched and hard to achieve, I always encourage them to do the best they can while trying to achieve their goals. I know they’ll (more than likely) never become president of the world, but the fact they have my support and a foundation full of motivation will help them to continue moving toward something bigger while learning about themselves along the way. The last thing I want for any child is for them to be stuck in a job they don’t enjoy and won’t prosper in. I want children to change our environment, our cities and our country with their dreams and goals. Nothing drives success more than passion.

“You should never tell a child their dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, and what a tragedy it would be if they believed it.”

Ritu Ghatourey

Encourage, embrace and love!

“Encouragement and continued encouragement with their best interests in mind will provide them the stability they need to ultimately find what it is they are seeking. Your child may never truly land on their perfect “thing,” but your honest encouragement along the way will afford them the ability to deal with life as a happy and responsible member of it.

1. Tell your child you love him/her every single day of their life.
2.  If your child is at camp or at their grandparents or friends for more than a day, call and let them know you’re thinking about them and that you love them. It’s not too much to show your child they are always in your mind and heart.
3. From time to time it’s nice to have heart to heart talks with your child. Ask them what they think or feel about school, friends, the last trip to the store or just reminisce about last years vacation. Pay really close attention to what your child says. Look for pain in their voices or body language. Get to the root of it if you think they are hurting. Rejoice with them if you see nothing but a happy child.
4. If you see your child trying to do something (something good, safe at their skill-level and in their best interest) then you should get involved with them. If it’s something they want to do alone, let them, but offer your help at any point they might want or need it, and be ready to help them.
5. If you see that your child has a special talent or skill for something in particular, be there for them and embrace their desire to pursue said talent or skill.
6. Spend time talking to your child about the importance of their education. While the topic is not something most kids are interested in discussing, the more you discuss it the more likely they are to understand the importance of obtaining the best education possible. Let them know that childhood is the easiest part of life. Encourage them along their path through school to make the best grades they can make. Let them know that the harder they work now, the better their life will be long-term. Instill this in their minds from a young age so that when they enter high school and it gets tougher, they realize you were telling the truth all along. They will value your life-lessons and ultimately do better than you even hoped.
7. Let your child know they can call on you (both of you) any time for help. The encouragement they will feel, knowing that someone has their back, will be the greatest gift you could ever give them.
8. Teach your children to respect themselves. Teach them to love their self. If they feel something is wrong with them, point out how that is simply not true. Chances are there is nothing wrong with them that self-respect cannot fix. In other words, encourage them to love themselves.

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