'S No Business Like Snow Business!

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snow paint recipe 09
Photo credit Growing a Jeweled Rose

Maybe you’re a fan of snow or maybe you’re not, but, we all know that most kids love it. This could very well be because of the glorious snow days off of school, but, either way, kids + snow = fun!

I love coming across adorable little projects to keep the little ones busy and divert their attention from video games. This Snow Paint ought to do the trick!
Many thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the idea!

Shimmery Snow Paint Recipe

Shaving Cream

White School Glue

Peppermint Extract (optional, but perfectly seasonal!)

the snow
Photo credit Growing a Jeweled Rose

Iridescent glitter


Place shaving cream and glue in the refrigerator for at least an hour or two. Mix equal parts of glue and shaving cream in a bowl (the measurement doesn’t have to be perfect, you can eye it out). Sprinkle in the glitter until it’s shimmery enough for your liking and add a few drops of the peppermint extract, followed by a bit more glitter.

Use the paint to create winter snow scenes or whatever pops into mind. Kids can also get their hands a little “cold” and play with the shimmery “snow.” Once it dries, the paint will be puffy to the touch.

Have a blast making this with your children, I know I will!

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