Sibling Harmony? What's That? There is a Solution!

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Imagine if your house was completely quiet WHILE everyone was home … Okay, I know if you have children (especially if you have more than one), it’s almost impossible to have, let alone picture a noise-free environment.

If mphoto2y sons aren’t playing together, they’re arguing. The smallest things seem to set them off. As a parent, it becomes so frustrating that you end up screaming yourself and we all know it gets us absolutely nowhere.
So how can we “keep the peace” between siblings?
I don’t know if any of you have seen the t-shirt made to fit more than one child, but, it definitely provides a humorous spin on a sibling rivalry solution.
Jokes aside, I couldn’t actually do that with my sons. Moms are equipped with this future sense and I can see exactly where the t-shirt would lead: A giant squabble within the shirt and more screaming.
Not happening.
With that being said, I needed to find a more practical approach to sibling harmony.
Found it!
The “Harmony Jar” is a jar (any jar will do!) filled with colored Popsicle sticks. Each stick has a task written on DSC_0065-198x300it with a Sharpie marker.
For example:
    • Wipe down the barstools
    • Windex the back door
    • Vacuum the office
    • Pick up 10 toys in the playroom
    • Dust
    • Turn on Pandora and dance for 15 minutes
    • Organize your siblings shoes
    • Make yours siblings bed
    • Organize one of your drawers
    • Sing 3 songs to your sibling
    • Go scrub the bathtub
    • Unload the dishwasher
    • Freebie!
    • Sweep laundry room
    • Straighten baby’s room
    • Disinfect 4 door knobs
    • Hug and kiss mom
    • Hug and kiss your sibling
    • Make a card for your sibling
    • Name 3 things you love about DadDSC_0053-300x198
    • Name 3 things you love about Mom.
    • Clean the bathroom mirror
    • Pull 10 weeds
    • Tell each other sorry
    • Clean out car

Sweep the kitchen floor.

The great thing about this handy dandy jar is the positives. While you want your children to understand there are consequences, you also want to provide a sense of harmony in your home as well.
Raising multiple children to participate harmoniously isn’t easy, but positive involvement can and will make all of the difference.

*Sunlit Spaces

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