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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely
admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

― Maya Angelou

A quote featured on the Facebook page of CASA of CGS this morning got me thinking. I’m a huge admirer of butterflies, not for their beauty alone, but for the transformation they make from a caterpillar into a completely different looking insect. Gentle, fragile, airborne and colorful, quite the opposite of its prior self.

Life is full of these transformations. Butterflies don’t have a decision in the matter. It’s nature’s work at its finest. Humans on the other hand, are responsible for the transformations that can either bring a beautiful change or remain in the same position they’re in. Embrace a morph. Change means progress.

117ad6ec8a060072da7c8e676b858060With the weekend approaching, I thought it would be nice to feature an activity to do with your children. As an avid butterfly enthusiast, this project immediately caught my eye. Inexpensive and interactive, a butterfly feeder will provide a view like no other. Imagine sitting outside with your family, barbecuing, playing, etc., and a few butterflies stop in for a snack – the kids will love it!

Putting it together is simple and will allow for a great conversation with your children about the changes butterflies go through to become what they are.

Here’s the instructions  and a little information from the website,

“According to a study published in the June 2003 issue of “Conservation Biology,” there are 561 known butterfly species in the U.S. and Canada, while there are only 56 butterfly species remaining in British counties, as a result of disappearing habitat. Not only are these insects beautiful, they’re important pollinators and vital to the health of their natural habitats. You can encourage these gentle creatures to visit your garden by using easy-to-make butterfly food and feeders.

Butterfly Food and Nectar

Think “rotten” when choosing butterfly food. Butterflies like a variety of food sources, especially overripe fruit and rotting vegetation. If you own an apple, plum, cherry or pear tree, allow fallen fruit to ferment on the ground to create a favourite feeding spot. Look in the quick-sale area of your grocer’s produce section, and you might even get the produce manager to donate one or two unsaleable pieces of fruit. Consider saving extra bananas in the freezer, which you can defrost and place in a feeder at any time. Make your own butterfly food by mixing a solution of 4 parts water to 1 part granulated sugar, boiling the mixture until the sugar is dissolved, then letting it cool. Extra solution can be stored in your refrigerator for up to a week. An alternative recipe is to cut up a dozen overripe bananas into chunks, add two cans of cheap beer, one or two bottles of molasses, and a pound of brown sugar and let it ferment for about a week. The easiest recipe of all is to save any overripe fruit, add a squirt of honey, blend it coarsely in a blender, then divide the mixture into freezer containers.

Butterfly Feeders

Take a ceramic or glass pie plate, plastic or terra cotta plant saucer—or any dish with a sloping rim—and suspend the plate with flower pot hangers or a macrame-style holder made from household twine. Decorate around the twine with the stems of silk or plastic flowers to make it visually appealing to butterflies, and hang the feeder from the bough of a shady tree, before adding butterfly food. Replace food if it dries out or becomes mouldy. Place brightly coloured yellow and orange kitchen scouring pads in the dish with the liquid butterfly food solution. You’ll attract butterflies and give them a resting place while they drink. Making a jar feeder. Use any small glass jar that has a tight-fitting lid. Punch a small hole in the lid of the jar using a small nail and a hammer, then cut a portion of a sponge and pull it through the small hole, making sure it fits tightly. Soak the sponge with a sugar-water solution, and fill the jar with the solution as well. Use string to tie around the jar to make a hanger, then hang the jar with the sugar water upside-down so that the butterflies can feed on the juice from the sponge.”

I know what I’m doing this weekend! A little educational fun is always an experience and an opportunity to create lasting memories with your children.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and check back in with CASA of CGS on Monday! Please take time out while enjoying the extended weekend and honor our fallen. We are beyond thankful for the sacrifice they made for our freedom.

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