Surprise! CASA of CGS Celebrates Shannon's New Addition!

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shannonThere’s one defining moment in a woman’s life that will change her world forever.
More important than her graduation and wedding day, the day a woman becomes a mother, is the day when she will look at every single event, situation, and moment differently.
She no longer thinks just for herself, but for the beautiful being she created and held for nine months as well.
Today the CASA of CGS family came together and celebrated the upcoming birth of our Case Supervisor, Shannon Finney Fagan’s son.
Her nursery theme, The Lion King, provided the background for the surprise luncheon held at The New Dodges Market, in Elmer. A big thank you to our Volunteer Coordinator, Susanna, for putting together the decorations and making the dining room colorful and festive for Shannon’s surprise entrance.
The food, of course, was fantastic and ranged from a creamy seafood bisque to grilled cheese sandwiches on an array of different breads with acake variety of cheeses and fillings. Dodges also had their infamous sharp cheddar out along with to-die-for bruschetta and toast. Hillary, CASA’s Social Media manager and photographer, baked the most adorable (and delicious!) cupcakes decked out in Shannon’s nursery theme.
Another one of our Case Supervisors, Amanda, made sure everyone had a great time by creating games and awarding prizes to the winners. The goodie bags she created were beyond cute as well!
A big thank you to everyone in the CASA of CGS family (Brittney, Jon, Rich, Rachael, Melissa, Nancy, Sharon, our advocates and anyone else I may have missed), for all of your help putting together a special day for Shannon!
She is honestly one of the most incredible women you will ever meet. Selfless, caring and dedicated to the children we advocate for, she genuinely listens and loves whole-heartedly.
The world has gained an amazing mother. She has every ounce and then some to provide the love, nurturing, and support a child needs.
There is nothing more incredible than giving birth to your first child. Every thing you experience is new and exciting and the love you feel is unlike any other. No matter how many children you have, nothing compares to the beginning of motherhood.
Congratulations on this new chapter in your lives together, Will and Shannon! You will make excellent parents.

We will miss you and good luck!

Some of the CASA of CGS family.
Some of the CASA of CGS family.

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