Susan Kagan is our CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for March

Susan Kagan is our CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for March! Susan has been an advocate since July, 2015. Alongside of her partner advocate, Susan worked hard to lead her first case with five children to adoption. She endured the difficult decision of making a recommendation for the termination of parental rights, while gracefully learning and navigating the system. After her first case closed, Susan accepted another case with three small children and has been an essential part of a reunification plan for the family. As an advocate, Susan leaves no stone unturned. She’s passionate, gifted, incredibly thorough, and born to advocate for those in need. Susan has always been extremely objective, fair and balanced while on her cases. While all of the above listed characteristics may be an overwhelming combination for some, Susan juggles everything seamlessly and professionally. We laugh because she always signs up to attend our court report workshops, but, we always use one of her reports as an example! Susan’s reports are thorough, detail-rich, without a doubt objective, and have often times, topped out at a whopping 14 pages. Her recommendations are unique, well-explained and supportive to our mission. It is obvious when reading through her court reports, that she has explored and dissected every possible option.
This month, last year, Susan and her husband, Ed, sadly lost their son, Jesse after an illness. The Kagan’s made the selfless decision to request contributions be made, in Jesse’s name, to CASA of CGS. Because of the contributions, more advocates for children have been supported, trained and prepared to change lives, just as Susan has done. Jesse’s legacy of bringing together “the helpers” will continue as CASA of CGS has named the annual award given to advocates who have dedicated periods of their lives to helping and advocating for children as the “Jesse Kagan Advocate of the Year Award.”
We are blessed to have Susan on our team and as a part of our family. Every person who is fortunate enough to have Susan cross paths with them, is equally blessed. She is a true gift to all. Thank you so much for your service, Susan!

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  1. Dorothy Stubblebine

    Thank you, Susan, for turning your grief into helping others. What a selfless act to advocate for CASA. You are an example to me !

  2. Andrea Gabel-Richards

    CASA is blessed to have Susan as an advocate. She brings this tireless commitment, thoroughness and devotion to all aspects of her life-family, teaching, friendship and community. Well deserved recognition!

  3. Carolyn Quigg

    My dear friend Susan, I am so very proud of you. What a beautiful person you are with a heart of gold made to help others. Keep on doing this amazing work and helping to better the lives of others!

  4. Jamie Patterson

    Susan, I’m forever grateful for all you’ve done for me & my Short People. Not everybody’s cut out for this kind of undertaking, but you certainly are. God bless you & I hope, with all my heart, you will continue to advocate for the children in foster care. The world needs more like you. Thank you, for being awesome 😃

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