Tips for Cleaning Toys this Flu Season

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  Babies and young kids put their toys in their mouths all the time and can often pick up germs and illnesses from dirty items, especially during cold and flu season. Reduce your child’s chance of getting sick by keeping her … Continued

Valentine’s Wax Paper Hearts Craft

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Written by: Jessica Bagley If you have wax paper and some old broken crayons, this project might be a nice way to brighten up a window this Valentine’s Day! 1. Grab some old crayons and a butter knife. Carefully shave … Continued

Are you Raising a Sex Offender?

Written and provided by The Mamabear Effect   Are we raising a future (or current) sexual offender? While society at large has a hard time accepting that they may know, like or even love someone capable of committing sexual abuse … Continued

Teaching Your Children To Be Safe Without Making Them Scared

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 Written by Caroline Kastner  In today’s society, there are risks everywhere. From driving on the roads to passing strangers on the street, you don’t know when something unexpected might happen. As the world changes, so does our education on how we … Continued

Planting and Nurturing a Tree with Your Toddler

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Blog written and contributed by Jen Altrogge As infants grow into the toddler stage, they go through various developmental phases that help them learn, by connecting to the world around them.  All children experience a period where they learn to … Continued