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We’ve made great strides! What a difference you all have made! With your help, dedication and support, CASA of CGS has grown immensely and has been able to service more and more children.

Thanks to all of you, CASA of CGS Superhero 5K Run and Family Fun was a huge success!
Thanks to all of you, CASA of CGS Superhero 5K Run and Family Fun was a huge success!

With our advocates and other volunteers, we have been able to be proactive in advocating for children involved in court cases in addition to educating the public about the devastating effects of child abuse and neglect. Our main goal is to advocate for the children who have to endure the trauma emotionally, mentally and physically, but, with that, we also need to spread awareness about the terrible epidemic our communities face. The worst thing to do is to remain silent. Speak your mind, speak out against the abuse and make a difference in a child’s life. Never forget that they are our future and we can’t afford to turn the other cheek when they need us the most.

CASA of CGS holds annual events to raise funds and educate the public. While they are extremely fun, we can’t dismiss the heavy hearts that pour into each affair. Yes, we have a fantastic time while holding they events, but each of us know the true reason we are there. The children need each and every one of us.

We were recently added to GreatNonprofits, an organization that holds “the largest database of first-person stories about nonprofit organizations ever assembled – over 170,000 reviews. These are stories submitted by people – clients, donors, volunteers and others – who have experienced the impacts of nonprofit work up close. The stories are in digital form that are freely and easily accessible to anyone who wants to read them. This valuable resource helps donors, volunteers, journalists, and concerned citizens to learn about the nonprofit services available in their communities and beyond.”

With your help, CASA of CGS can be recognized further than our three counties. We want people to know. We want to bring an end to child abuse and neglect. Family values and awareness are the key to a solid form of building blocks for all children. Child abuse and neglect are not something to be taken lightly and won’t go away on its own.

Take a moment, tell your story or share your experience with CASA of CGS. If you’re pressed for the even a moment, just leave a rating. We couldn’t have made it this far without you. 1540917927-2Let’s keep going!

Go to and give us a rating. As with everything, not one voice is too small!

Our mission is to speak out for every abused and neglected child in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties. Each and every child deserves a safe, permanent and nurturing home. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) ensures that a court empowered, independent volunteer is able to voice timely and objective recommendations on behalf of the child. Our ONLY interest is the child’s best interest.

With only three minutes of your time, you can share your personal story and give feedback to help us gain visibility and tell us where we could improve.

Share this with your family and friends to help us continue in our fight!

Thank you, CASA of CGS family. We couldn’t do this without you!

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 If you’re interested in learning more about CASA of CGS, email Cumberland County ranked last place in Child Welfare in New Jersey. Let’s stand up for our children and do something about it! Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook for daily updates and information.


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