'Tis the season! Show Children the Joys of Being Kind!

I’m a firm believer that kindness yields the best results if practiced year round, but, there’s something extra warm and fuzzy about being kind during the holiday season. By teaching children that kindness counts, you’re instilling values in them that can’t be replaced.

2c696e2bde6b95326cb2f353a6730065So, make a list and check it twice! Here’s some random acts of kindness that matter and will touch the hearts of many!

24 Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

  1. Give up your spot in line.
  2. Donate money to an organization you participate in.
  3. Pay for someone else’s coffee.
  4. Send cards to service men and women.
  5. Tell jokes to make someone smile.
  6. Donate food to your food bank.
  7. Donate pet supplies to the shelter.
  8. Help someone do a chore or other job.
  9. Do yard work or shovel for a neighbor.
  10. Donate books you no longer need.
  11. Pick up litter.
  12. Donate to a charity (last year we picked Alzheimer’s Cures)
  13. Donate clothes that are too small.
  14. Donate toys to a children’s hospital.
  15. Donate a pair of new pajamas for foster kids.
  16. Put money in the Salvation Army bucket.
  17. Make get well cards for someone who needs them.
  18. Bring coffee to your teachers.
  19. Make holiday decorations for others.
  20. Donate meals to No Kid Hungry.
  21. Make ornaments for your neighbors.
  22. Donate new toys to Toys for Tots.
  23. Feed the birds.
  24. Candy cane bomb a parking lot (leave a candy cane for an unsuspecting person).

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