What are you doing Saturday? Let's move!

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As part of a community-wide effort, Bridgeton is holding its third annual Let’s Move Walk. It’s going to be a comfortable 82 degree day, so come out, bring your family and friends and show your support toward a healthy community!

Staff photo by Cathy Cramer/South Jersey Times
The “Let’s Move Bridgeton” initiative kicked off on June 25 with a successful, two-mile group walk. The “Let’s Move Bridgeton” committee has much more planned for the health and wellness campaign.

“One look at the health rankings tells the story of the last several years; Cumberland County is home to the unhealthiest grouping of residents in the state.

That fact hit home with Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly as he read the different state and regional health reports that rank Cumberland County at the bottom in terms of health and wellness and it got him thinking about the best way to raise public awareness of the issue and change the health landscape for the better.

Kelly decided on the “Let’s Move Bridgeton 325 ” health campaign, linking it to the “let’s move” nationwide initiative headed by First lady Michelle Obama, which calls on mayors and municipal leaders around the country to come up with programs to help solve the problem of obesity within a generation.”

Mayor Kelly challenges you – get out, get healthy!


Quote taken from the City of Bridgeton’s website.

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