What inspires you? See life through the eyes of a child.

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beautyTake a step back from your busy life for a second. Walk outside and close your eyes. Inhale deeply and smell the air, feel the sunshine. Gifts.
You are alive. Despite the daily stresses we face, we are given something way bigger than ourselves.

Freedom, nature, a child’s laughter, good food, the ability and resources to educate ourselves and pursue our dreams, and love.

Do you remember being a small child?

So many things to look forward to – holidays, getting together with friends, a new outfit or toy and being able to play outside with no other concerns.

How easily we forget these things and don’t take the time to enjoy the now.
Being a child is irreplaceable. In our society, adulthood is forced upon us and bills and responsibilities quickly follow.

What we don’t realize is how rapidly it all passes.

If we could just take a few moments of our day and reflect on our childhood or what we wanted as a child, we’d not only enjoy our lives more, but we could secure a feeling of contentment that is like no other.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses.”

Do just that.

Stop running around, stressed and worried, and take a second to stop, breathe and enjoy the beautiful things around you.

Then, bring it up a notch and do the same for another person. Helping someone realize just how crucial the small things in life are, will make a huge difference in how our environment is perceived.
Stress is detrimental to your health. The ability to enjoy your life is not expensive. Appreciation is free.

See life through the eyes of a child. Love life the way a child does.
If a child isn’t able to love life for the little things, do something to change that. Time, love and understanding – a little will go a long way and it won’t cost you a thing. Not only will you feel rich, the value to a child is priceless.

Jennifer Kaysen

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