Who are Foster Parents?

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This is a guest blog from our friends at Foster and Adoptive Family Services!

Foster parents have heard it all.

They’ve been called worse things than most of us could stomach. This includes, but unfortunately isn’t limited to, being referred to as money hungry thieves only interested in stealing children from bio parents because of the paycheck. This would hurt anyone — but for people who open up their homes and hearts to complete strangers, sometimes in the middle of the night, it’s particularly devastating.

Foster parents are people who want to help children who need it most. They know there are thousands of children who don’t have a safe home to return to. They know there are kids who don’t have parents who are there to protect them. They know these children are blameless victims who are being robbed of a childhood.

Foster parents have decided to step up and try to change that.

They are people who decide to go through an extensive and time consuming licensing process. They are individuals who answer deeply personal questions and open themselves up to background checks. They are men and woman who renovate their homes because they were told they had to if they wanted to care for children in need.

And they do all this before a single child walks through the door. They do it because they love children and they want to help. They do it because if they don’t, where are the children who need a home supposed to go?

Foster parents do it because they care.

They invest their time, energy and love into children who are vulnerable and scared. They work all hours to change the lives of these kids. Foster parents are people who sleep on the hardwood floor of their living room while their foster child sleeps on the couch because he’s afraid to go to his room. They are people who, after an exhausting day at work, take time to play catch with their foster son.

They are people who tell these children that they are valuable and important. Foster parents are people who forge bonds and change futures. And they do this knowing that, if the environment becomes safe and healthy, the child they’ve grown to care for could leave them to return to his family.

Who are foster parents? They are ordinary people whose extraordinary actions change the lives of children and they deserve our help.

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