Who would've thought sharks would be sweet?

002It’s Friday! After a week full of less-than-seasonal weather, I’m hoping that it continues for the weekend. I wanted to share these adorable snacks with our CASA of CGS family to make with your children, foster children, grandchildren, or maybe just some friends coming over for a barbecue.

They’re absolutely adorable, simple and the kids will love them!

All you’ll need is:

  • Vanilla pudding (or yogurt)
  • Crushed vanilla wafers or graham crackers for sand (store brand works just fine!).
  • Blue sprinkles for the ocean
  • Shark fruit snacks (these can be bought store brand at ShopRite for less than $2).

I’d recommend little clear, plastic cups for the full effect, but, I’m sure any small bowl or cup will be enjoyed!007

First, you crush up the vanilla wafers or graham crackers in a plastic baggy or whatever you may have laying around (the flat end of a butter knife will work well). Then, put the pudding into the cup or bowl. Sprinkle half of the top of pudding with the blue sprinkles to serve as the ocean. Then sprinkle the crumbs of the cookies on the other side to serve as the sand. Last, plan the attack. Lay the sharks where you’d like them on the ocean.


004Your children will have a BLAST helping you make these. And, if you’re like me and have boys, will have a blast creating imaginary scenarios with the sharks.

Have fun with this. It’s not only a delicious snack, but a fun, bunch of memories for your children.

See you Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Source: Muffin Tin Mom

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