Words Can Last a Lifetime. Choose Them Wisely!

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You know that moment when you start talking and your mother comes out? I’ve photoencountered this more times than I’d like to admit!
In those instances you find yourself saying, “Where did that come from?!” The words your parents used while raising you will without a doubt remain with you well into adulthood. Good and bad, words have a way of lingering and molding our future being.
Are you able to identify the words that meant the most to you? Hopefully the positive, encouraging phrases and fruitful pieces of wisdom are the ones you’re able to hold near and dear to your heart.
Parenting is not an easy position. It takes a fine balance of discipline, encouragement and love. We have to learn all of these lessons from our past, on our own time, and in our own way. Parenting is perfected through experience. Most parenting advice comes from our parents. They provide the foundation of what we want out of our own children and what we expect from ourselves as parents.
I’ve noticed with my own sons the occasions, even from a very young age, that they repeat what I say and without a doubt follow my example.
We are their first teachers. Our lessons, our words and behaviors are crucial to their well-being and the key to locking out negative cycles.
Make what you say to your children count. When scolding, follow with reason and positivity. Their self-esteem depends on it.
Allow your words to be solid and encouraging, so when they speak and their mother comes out, they feel confident they said the right thing.

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