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At CASA of CGS, our commitment to the youth we serve goes beyond our advocacy in court. We believe that all of our CASA youth deserve to feel seen, heard, and supported in every aspect of their lives, which is why we are dedicated to walking the extra mile to provide them with care items, essentials, and anything that might bring a smile to their faces.

Help us brighten their lives by donating to our campaigns that support our CASA youth year-round. Learn more about our fundraising efforts below:

Give a Child Hope

CASA's "Give a Child Hope" fund was established to help provide things a CASA child may need or wish for that doesn't require a court's intervention, such as laptops, toys, arts and crafts, special articles of clothing, driving lessons, appliances or furnishings for a first apartment, etc. The "Give a Child Hope" fund allows a CASA advocate to provide their foster youth with any necessities they might need, as well as comfort items to help brighten their days and make them feel special. 

Amazon Wish List

A wonderful way to help us at CASA of CGS is by donating something from our Amazon wishlist! We are always in need of things that support our CASA youth, and many of the items on our Wish List go towards supporting our CASA youth with housewarming gifts when they transition into their first apartment. Take a look at our wishlist and help us change a child's story with your donation!

Birthday Drive

Help us provide birthday gifts to our CASA youth by donating to our Birthday Drive! Your donation will put a smile on a child's face on their special day! 

Duffel Bag Drive

The average child in foster care moves seven times before the age of 18. Often, these children are moving their possessions from place-to-place in a garbage bag. Our aim is to eliminate trash bags as an acceptable form of luggage for the youth we serve.


When children are taken from their home, they typically don’t have necessities such as a toothbrush or a change of clothes. In tough situations like these, something as simple as a stuffed animal can provide a lot of comfort for a child.

There are currently over 1,400 youth in foster care within our three counties and we are dedicated to providing duffel bags to each and every one of them. With enough donations, we can meet our goal of replacing the trash bags these children use to transport their belongings with duffel bags full of hygiene and comfort items they need. 

Back to School Drive

Each year, we hold a Back-to-School drive to provide our CASA youth with school supplies come September. We want to ensure that all our CASA children have the tools they need to succeed, and this annual drive helps us prepare them for a wonderful school year! Donate today to help us provide school supplies for children in need in your community.

Holiday Drive

Brighten up a child in foster care’s life for the holiday season by donating to our Holiday Drive Campaign. Being separated from family is heartbreaking and traumatic for most children in foster care--especially during the holiday season, when togetherness is so deeply cherished. So, each year, we hold a Holiday Drive at CASA of CGS to remind our CASA children that they are loved and they are not alone.

By donating to our campaign, you will be helping provide presents to the 450 youth we serve in our three counties. Something as simple as opening a present meant just for them can make a child feel less scared and less alone. What better way to celebrate the spirit of giving than by helping a child in need feel supported, loved, and cared for during what should be the most wonderful time of year?

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