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Advocate of the Month for April: Leighann Frampton

Cat mom, Swiftie, and CASA of CGS Volunteer Advocate

Towson alumnus and Sewell native Leighann Frampton was always skeptical of the phrase “one person can change the world.” No stranger to volunteering, Leighann tutored in schools; participated in community service events on her college campus; served at a local nursing home during her undergraduate studies; and was heavily involved in TOPSoccer, a recreational sports program for children and adults with intellectual, emotional, or physical disabilities. Yet nothing broke that skepticism until she embarked on a very different volunteer journey upon graduation–volunteer advocacy with CASA of CGS.

Leighann joined our CASA family in 2020 after learning about our program from one of her professors and a few of her peers at Towson University. With her goals set on pursuing a master’s degree in social work, she knew that CASA would be a great experience for her in the field, but what she didn’t know was how it would change her life.

Being a CASA advocate has shown me the difference I can make in someone's life,” said Leighann. “I used to be skeptical when people said one person can change the world. But CASA’s shown me that one person can make a huge impact on someone’s life. All it takes is a little support.”

Passionate about social justice and achieving equality for everyone, Leighann leverages her fervor for advocacy as a CASA volunteer, working hard to speak up on behalf of the two CASA teens she serves. Whether it’s investigating behind the scenes or showing up in person to help move one of her CASA youth into their independent living apartment, Leighann goes out of her way to make sure they know that she is always someone that they can count on.

“From day one, Leighann has always fostered great communication with stakeholders and her CASA young adults. They know that they can always count on her to be there for them whether they need advice, help with school, or a general question,” said Cara Zoppina, CASA of CGS Cumberland County Advocate Coordinator.

The stability and support that Leighann has provided her two CASA youth over the past few years has been fundamental in their successful transition to adulthood. After building a years-long relationship and putting so much work into her advocacy, it is immeasurably rewarding for her to watch the progress her CASA youth have made, and celebrate their success and resiliency. This hard work and passion for the prosperity of others are just a few reasons why CASA of CGS is so lucky to have an advocate like Leighann.

“Leighann is such a sweet person and is so passionate about helping others. She has never missed submitting a court report and is always present and a support for her kids in court. One of my favorite things about Leighann’s advocacy is how she has encouraged and supported her CASA kids to come to court and how she empowers them!” said Cara. “Leighann, I am eternally grateful for your time and giving heart and love working with you! Keep shining and making a difference in the world because you are such a bright light in it!”

Thank you, Leighann, for everything you do for your CASA youth, our team, and our program as a whole! You are changing a child’s story each and every day with your stellar advocacy, and we truly believe that you can change the world–because you already have. Congratulations on Advocate of the Month–your hard work never goes unnoticed!

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