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October Advocate of the Month: Will Abbott

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

*Photos taken pre-COVID*

Between training to run 5k marathons and working full-time for EMS, Will Abbott spends his days off helping children who need it the most in his community--and he wouldn’t change that for the world.

Will joined our family at CASA of CGS this past March, and in these few months since he hopped aboard, his impact on the lives of both the children and team members in our CASA network has been invaluable and worthy of celebration.

“The moment Will joined our team, he added an immense amount of strength and value,” said Program Director Jennifer Henderson. “From his wonderfully pleasant personality to his seemingly endless supply of resources, Will exhibits a full circle of outstanding qualities that seamlessly come together and provide a level of advocacy for his CASA child that often leaves us speechless. He is professional and committed to changing the outcomes for children. I am grateful to have him alongside us in service.”

With a background in early childhood education, Will had a plan for his intended demographic when he became a volunteer, but all that changed when he read the case of a nine year-old child that spoke to him.

“I’ve learned a whole lot working with a child that is older than what I’m used to,” Will admitted. “It put me out of my comfort zone trying to figure out what a nine year-old likes, but it’s really rewarding. The best part is meeting the family and kids. I have the privilege of finally being able to visit my CASA child now in person, so that’s what I do on my days off and it’s a nice way to spend the day--helping someone. It’s not about me on my days off all the time--it’s about giving back.”

And Will’s commitment to making sure his CASA child always feels supported, both virtually and in-person, never goes unnoticed.

“I am so excited to nominate Will for October’s Advocate of the month!” Cara, Salem County Advocate Coordinator, exclaimed. “Will brings so much thought and heart to the child he serves. His knowledge, approach, and dedication is unbelievable! He inspires me as his advocate coordinator to keep striving for the foster youth we serve. Will has been a consistent presence for his child by having visits with him every two weeks; whether they had a virtual visit, threw the football around the yard, or talked magic tricks, he was there when a child needed a caring and consistent adult the most. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Will and I am excited to see what the future has in store for him because he is going to continue to move mountains for kids that need a champion!”

Will’s wealth of knowledge and undying commitment to giving back and supporting both his team and his CASA child is inspiring. He goes out of his way to connect with the child he serves, and works tirelessly to gather useful resources to both apply to his case and provide to others on his team who may need them. His attitude and work ethic are just part of what makes him so special, and any child is lucky to have someone like Will by their side.

Thank you for all you do for our team and our community Will--your hard work never goes unnoticed!

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Lisa Leigh
Lisa Leigh
Oct 15, 2020

Congratulations Will Abbott!

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