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Ann DeMareo-Smith is April’s Advocate of the Month!

Ann DeMareo-Smith became an advocate in October, 2018. It was evident throughout her interview that she came to the task at hand already equipped with the tools. Ann’s curiosity of how to put her skills to use to help children, thankfully, led her into the arms of the CASA of CGS family.

Although she is new to program, she is already fiercely advocating for three children and has made a dramatic impact in their lives.

Her court reports are so impressive, everyone in the courtroom compliments her on the content. It is obvious to all that Ann is objective, professional, eager to learn more, kind enough to share what she knows and an overall fantastic human being.

Her advocate coordinator, Michele says, “From the moment I met Ann I knew CASA found someone special (or, maybe she found us!). Her commitment and perseverance to the children she serves and to CASA is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I am inspired by her drive to learn every single day to better advocate for her children, not to mention the courage she exhibits when she chooses to have hard conversations with the parents.  I am beyond grateful to have Ann on my team.”

Thank you, Ann, for all that you bring to the program and in support of children’s futures!

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